The Talents & Well-being Architects

As Talents Architects, we work with organizations, teams and individual talents.


We guide leaders in order to transform human capital strategy into business results, develop talent, increase people’s efficiency, and motivate them to strive for excellence. We provide strategic and pragmatic advice, lead and implement HR Transformation projects, capability building and organization effectiveness improvement.


We work with individual Talents, providing a variety of coaching focusing on leadership development, brain preferences, learning improvement.



As Well-being Architects, we work with organizations and individual persons.

We harmonize the body and soul power. We develop the reading of individuals feelings and the capacity of letting go. We release the stress, fears and negative moods. We educate people to have healthy eating habits. The results are an increase of Motivate, Energy and Capacity to achieve peace and for revealing your highest potential. Individuals who experience good physical and mental health are more likely to be able to respond well to their manager’s needs.


We work with ancestral techniques which are Reiki, Touch for Health, Meditation as well as a variety of coaching focusing on positivity, Communication, Nutrition and Energy Body balance.


AIBAM scrl

avenue Jules Colle 17

1410 Waterloo


+32 2 351 32 96